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Name:Big Data management in Manufacturing Industries for Internet of Things

ISSN Number:2394-2320

Volumn and Issue:Volume2, Issue11

Doi:01.1617/vol2iss11pid119 Paper Count:3

Name:Development of Multivariate Quality Control Charts on Theoretical Flexible Manufacturing System Simulation

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue3

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss3/pid34501 Paper Count:5

Name:Green Engine

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume3, Issue11

Doi:01.1617/vol1iss7pid001195 Paper Count:5

Name:Hardware Trojans, A State Of The Art

ISSN Number:2394-6849

Volumn and Issue:Volume2, Issue9

Doi:01.1617/vol2iss9pid075 Paper Count:0

Name:The Study of CI Engine Sound Control

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume3, Issue11

Doi:01.1617/vol1iss7pid001197 Paper Count:1