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Name:6th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology WCASET-18

ISBN Number:9788193296691

Date:2nd January'2018

Place:Goa Paper Count:1

Name:Optical Isolator Design Aspects with Silicon Photonics -A Review

ISSN Number: xxxx-xxxx

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue5

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss5/pid81540 Paper Count:0

Name:Peristaltic Flow of a Conducting Newtonian Fluid in an Inclined Channel under the Effects of Hall Current

ISSN Number:2394-2320

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue5

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss5/pid18275 Paper Count:0

Name:Severe Plastic Deformation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloys through Machining

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume5, Issue1

Doi:01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid51240 Paper Count:17

Name:Velocity of Particle in an Infinite Body of Fluid

ISSN Number:2456-1304

Volumn and Issue:Volume7, Issue10

Doi:01.1617/vol7/iss10/pid58361 Paper Count:1