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Name:6th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology WCASET-18

ISBN Number:9788193296691

Date:2nd January'2018

Place:Goa Paper Count:1

Name:Association For Scientific And Academic Research  ASAR

ISBN Number:ASAR-206

Date:7th January'2016

Place:Bengaluru Paper Count:1


ISBN Number:97881-932996-3-9

Date:16th November'2017

Place:Sri Sairam College of Engineering ANEKAL, BENGALURU Paper Count:1

Name:Institute for Technical and Academic Research  ITAR

ISBN Number:ITAR-903

Date:7th February'2016

Place:Bengaluru Paper Count:1

Name:International Conference on Recent Advancements in Information Technology Science & Engineering(ICRAITSE-17) ICRAITSE-17

ISBN Number:97881-935941-0-0

Date:14th December'2017

Place:A.P.C.Mahalaxmi College For Women, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu Paper Count:1

Name:A dimensionless approach to model granule size variation in UASB reactor: Model development and its validation

ISSN Number:2456-1304

Volumn and Issue:Volume5, Issue1

Doi:01.1617/vol5/iss1/pid56407 Paper Count:0

Name:Design and Implementation of Smart Bins System for Waste Management

ISSN Number:2394-6849

Volumn and Issue:Volume3, Issue3

Doi:01.1617/vol3iss3pid117 Paper Count:0

Name:Experimental Investigation on Conventional Concrete by partially replacing e-Waste as A Course Aggregate

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue12

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss12/pid12590 Paper Count:0

Name:Hydrodynamic Cavitation, A promising Technique for Pre-Treatment of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Influent Wastewater

ISSN Number:2456-1304

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue4

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss4/pid90478 Paper Count:3

Name:Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) As Renewable Energy Source

ISSN Number:2456-1304

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue2

Doi:01.1617/vol2iss2pid0010072 Paper Count:4

Name:Nano Technology in Waste Water Treatment

ISSN Number:2394-6849

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue11

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss11/pid48270 Paper Count:0

Name:Performance Evaluation of 43 MLD Sewage treatment plant at Vadodara

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume3, Issue10

Doi:01.1617/vol1iss6pid001296 Paper Count:2

Name:Plastic waste Management : A Step Towards A Smart City

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume4, Issue3

Doi:01.1617/vol4/iss3/pid21573 Paper Count:12

Name:Solid Waste Management and Landfill Design

ISSN Number:2456-1290

Volumn and Issue:Volume3, Issue7

Doi:01.1617/vol1iss3pid001164 Paper Count:0